NCAA Pool 2006

Final Results are posted.

Congratulations to Mark - our new champion (!) who fought long odds and came away with the victory!

2nd place went to last year's champion, Bill.

3rd place to Brian (a tie break away from having *two* entries in the money - WOW).

4th place to Greg in a tiebreaker with another entry from 3rd place finisher Brian.

Round 1 Bonus winner, MCoolidge, with 26/32 right (despite losing a final four pick, Kansas),

Round 2 Bonus winner, RamonG, with an impressive 14/16 correct...

Be considerate, be prompt...payment info

*** Final Report ***

Tournament Bracket, with Current Game Results (standings based on these)

Choice Distribution (prizes listed here too)

Everyone's Picks (no duplicates fyi)

Pool Details and Instructions

Recap of Previous Pools:

2005 Pool (ncaa champ: UNC) (98 entries - winner: portlist (Bill))

2004 Pool (ncaa champ: UConn) (103 entries - winner: MCoolidge)

2003 Pool (ncaa champ: Syrac) (72 entries - winner: Keren)

2002 Pool (ncaa champ: Maryl) (101 entries - winner: Chuck)

2001 Pool (ncaa champ: Duke ) (98 entries - winner: Reggie)

2000 Pool (ncaa champ: MichS) (90 entries - winner: Eben)

1999 Pool (ncaa champ: UConn) (57 entries - winner: Betty)

1998 Pool (ncaa champ: Kentu) (44 entries - winner: Jason)

1997 Pool (ncaa champ: Arizo) (23 entries - winner: Neot)

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