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NCAA Pool - Details

Picks need to be in by the first game (Thursday, approx 12:20pm EST; remember, we don't count the play-in game). Of course multiple entries are fine.

As always, friends are welcome (ie those you're willing to vouch for by covering their entry fee), but don't spread it to strangers...

It's pretty simple: pick the results of every game (ie fill out a bracket) with the teams you think will win. Points per correct pick increase with each round: 1-2-3-4-6-8. Pick the total (combined) score of the finals game as a tiebreaker (e.g., if you think the champion will beat the runner-up 79-76, then you would choose 155 as your tiebreaker).

Entry fee is 20 bucks. All $$ in goes back out. The prize structure will be finalized once we know how many entries there are; approximately 3-5% of the entries will get prizes. For example if there are 100 entries, first/second/third/fourth will get 56%/18%/9%/6% (the final 11% goes to the top Rd 1 and Rd 2 performers, as outlined below).

Bonus Rounds: there will be a prize (~6% of the pot) given out to whomever picks the most correct in round 1, and another ~6% to whomever gets the most correct in round 2 (rd 2 only, not combined with round 1). The tiebreak for those mini-prizes will be the sum of the seeds of the correct picks in that round (so picking "upsets" will help win the tiebreak). Secondary tiebreaks for round 2 is most correct in rd 1, then sum of seeds of correct rd 1 picks.