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NCAA Pool 2008

The tourney is complete!

Be considerate, be prompt...payment info
Below you will find information throughout the tournament. You might have to hit reload to get the latest version. I generally update things at night or early morning during weekdays, and sometimes more frequently on weekends. I usually send out an email when I update it.

As always, I strongly suggest checking out "Choice Distribution" below.. it's great to see how many people took which teams... Have fun, -chris

By the way, if you're not receiving the update emails and want to be on the list, let me know and i can add you. (it's also the list i'll send next year's invite to)

Congrats to Mark and the rest of our winners!
Final Results:

KANSAS beat MEMPHIS in the final:
MP1 Score:102 (place 1 winner)
Jessica Score:100 (place 2 winner)
Team_Cadur_Sal Score: 97 (place 3 winner)
Wild_Bill_Hagy Score: 95 (place 4 winner)

Congrats to the Round 1 bonus winner, GMez (carried by her Siena pick). Here were the sum of seeds tiebreak results:
gmez 129, odabashian 127, MP1 120, Jep 119

And congrats as well to our Round 2 bonus winner, Jessica. Same sum of seeds (29) as gapdog and DGomez1, but wins the tiebreak by getting more correct in Rd 1 (25 to 24 to 20).

*** Final Report ***

Final Four--all possibilities

Current Standings

Current Standings - Ranked by Possible Score

Possibilities (results distribution if all future games are considered 50/50 events)

Tournament Bracket, with Current Game Results (standings based on these)

Sportsline Tournament Bracket (nice format), with Current Game Results

Choice Distribution (prizes listed here too)

Everyone's Picks (no duplicates fyi)

Pool Details and Instructions

note, you can download the entry program (right-click here, and 'save target as') to view your picks if you have the .nc2 file.

Recap of Previous Pools:

2007 Pool (ncaa champ: Fla) (104 entries - winner: DGomez1)

2006 Pool (ncaa champ: Fla) (90 entries - winner: MP1 (Mark))

2005 Pool (ncaa champ: UNC) (98 entries - winner: portlist (Bill))

2004 Pool (ncaa champ: UConn) (103 entries - winner: MCoolidge)

2003 Pool (ncaa champ: Syrac) (72 entries - winner: Keren)

2002 Pool (ncaa champ: Maryl) (101 entries - winner: Chuck)

2001 Pool (ncaa champ: Duke ) (98 entries - winner: Reggie)

2000 Pool (ncaa champ: MichS) (90 entries - winner: Eben)

1999 Pool (ncaa champ: UConn) (57 entries - winner: Betty)

1998 Pool (ncaa champ: Kentu) (44 entries - winner: Jason)

1997 Pool (ncaa champ: Arizo) (23 entries - winner: Neot)