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NCAA Pool 2010

It's that time again! Welcome to our March Madness pool for 2010.


Pool Details and Instructions



Enter your picks using the link below [NOTE: no entries will be accepted if emailed/timestamped after games start on Thursday]:

Web Entry Page, click here

*IMPORTANT - After you submit, a confirmation screen pops up--make sure you get this or it didn't work (sample confirmation screen here).  If you want to try a test entry first, begin the name with “test_”—I will ignore any entries that begin with “test_”.

** If you’re still concerned, the best way to test if your entry was received is to try to enter it again (with the same exact name). If the first one worked, the second one will be rejected with an error that tells you it’s a “duplicate file name".

Troubles?  Probably you have to disable popup blockers (typically an option in a toolbar near the top of the page).  Note some computes have multiple popup blockers active (IE, google toolbar, etc...).

Tip:  to fill a quick bracket you can use the 'Higher Seeds Win' button. Then edit it as you wish to adjust for your picks.

If you still can’t get the web entry to work, you can also download an entry program (right-click here, and 'save target/link as') to your local hard drive (windows only, sorry mac users), make your picks, and email me the resulting .nc2 file, to

Be considerate, be prompt...payment info

Sportsline Tournament Bracket (nice format), with Current Game Results

Recap of Previous Pools:

2009 Pool (ncaa champ: UNC)(114 entries - winner: Simins1 (Brandon))

2008 Pool (ncaa champ: Kan)(126 entries - winner: MP1 (Mark.. 1st 2 time winner!))

2007 Pool (ncaa champ: Fla)(104 entries - winner: DGomez1 (Dan))

2006 Pool (ncaa champ: Fla)(90 entries - winner: MP1 (Mark))

2005 Pool (ncaa champ: UNC)(98 entries - winner: portlist (Bill))

2004 Pool (ncaa champ:UConn) (103 entries - winner: MCoolidge(Matt))

2003 Pool (ncaa champ:Syrac) (72 entries - winner: KWILS (Keren))

2002 Pool (ncaa champ:Maryl) (101 entries - winner: Chuck)

2001 Pool (ncaa champ:Duke ) (98 entries - winner: Reggie)

2000 Pool (ncaa champ:MichS) (90 entries - winner: E_Man (Eben))

1999 Pool (ncaa champ:UConn) (57 entries - winner: bhr5(Betty))

1998 Pool(ncaa champ: Kentu) (44 entries - winner: jason_s (Jason))

1997 Pool(ncaa champ: Arizo) (23 entries - winner: Neot)